Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience, Inc.

Founded by Ann Ree Colton and Jonathan Murro


West Coast


and Michael Festival

September 14-16, 2018

Conclave Testimonies


Our recent Carmel Conclave was a privilege to behold, attend, and to participate in. Our Conclaves are a brief pause in time to fully unite with true peace, healing light, and redeeming love as given to us through our Lord Jesus. Ann Ree and Jonathan gave us a beautiful ministry in which to participate, and I am grateful to the many who make the effort to speak with enlightenment on their teach-ings. I am grateful for the many who write, play, and sing the holy and inspiring music of Niscience! I am grateful to the many who make their dedicated effort to attend Conclaves that we may be the “two or three” met in His Name and bring forth miracles under God, be it His Will. Sun Valley, California
This 58th Niscience West Coast Conclave resonated with a tone and frequency like no other, due, I feel in part to the passing of our beloved Stacee Marshall. Her presence was clearly felt throughout the many Niscience activities. The talks, choir, beach walk, all seemed to embody an added love presence and energy. It was a blessed time to be together and to experience this group-body action. The slide show of Stacee’s time with us and her ministering spirit was beautiful and inspiring. Our Niscience Conclave, overdirected by Ann Ree and Jonathan, has a way of bringing out the light, or new wine, in its explanations of dharmic truths and insights through the archetypal light. The rays of light from the heaven worlds are now flowing unto men reaching that receptive heart and mind ready to take the next step. Our consciousness is on the rise, due to our love of truth. Niscience is at the forefront of this quickening spirit now available to the human spirit. I am grateful for this Conclave and the spirit that created a most loving time for all. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
It was my joy to attend this Conclave, to be with the Group Body in a time of powerful mediation for the world. It was wonderful to hear all of the poetry and to partake of our co-disciples' creativity on Saturday night. And I am grateful that we could all come together and share our sorrow over the recent passing of our beloved ones. Albuquerque, New Mexico