Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience, Inc.

Founded by Ann Ree Colton and Jonathan Murro

57th West Coast Conclave and Michael Festival

September 8-10, 2017

Conclave Testimonies
Thank you for a most joy-filled Conclave. Together as a group body we experienced a most beautiful and creative out-pouring of light and love. It was transformative and exciting. It was a privilege to be with the brethren. I am grateful for all who participated and to all who attended and to our co-disciples who came from a distance to be with us. The talks, the fasting dedications, the sharings, the music, the healing meditation and the feasting all contributed to a most remarkable weekend of grace Sunland, California There was nothing glib in any of the talks. I felt that each speaker had struggled through very profound initiations, coupled with an immersion in spiritual practice and study of our Teacher’s words and instruction in order to give birth to the talks that they gave. Very mature disciples gave us the meat of the Word to chew on. So much of what was offered has helped me so much in my current initiatory process. So deeply grateful to all who attended and to all who could not be present, but lent their prayerful support. I don’t think it is too extravagant a statement to say that I feel that our ministry shifted to a higher arm of our spiralic ascension. Albuquerque, New Mexico An awesome Conclave! …. Each Conclave our co-disciples seem to burrow deeper into their soul-life and light to present us with gemstones of truth. I felt cleansed and renewed, purged and purified, exorcised and energized from the Conclave. Falls Church, Virginia We came to the banquet of the Lord and received bountifully. A most blessed time for all. Sunland, California
My profound gratitude for the exquisite music concert. It was a highlight of the Conclave. The music was truly sublime. Montrose, California
Post-Conclave became a big Esse, working to channel and steward the renewed and newly released energy. I am so grateful for every single talk, every single song, every prayer, every sacrament, every mantram, and for all of the music in our conjoined testimonies, the music in the sea, the music in the suffering of each individual, and the music in the world suffering that our group body so earnestly desires to ease.