Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience, Inc.

Founded by Ann Ree Colton and Jonathan Murro

56th West Coast Conclave and Michael Festival

September 16-18, 2016

The 56th West Coast Conclave and Micahel Festival was held in Carmel, California on the weekend of September 16-18, 2016. Conclave events included walks and speakers at the beautiful Carmel Beach, presentations by the choir, excellent speakers, Internship presentations, music concert, agape times together, and the World Healing Meditation. Testimonies by Participants The 56th West Coast Conclave was a most sacred and holy event for this eternity system. The Archetypal truths in the talks of our co-disciples were passing the Truth, Love, and Light into this earth to lift, heal, and give hope. The Light and Love through the sacred Archetypes is revealing to us that we are co-creators with God, that we are divinely imaged. How rare to know and understand how God is shaping and forming us through the Archetypes....God is knitting our spiritual garments more fully and intricately with each Conclave Action of Serving. Praise God for our Teachers – unspeakable grace! * It really was a most-amazing Conclave. It’s as if we’re going out into the Cosmos itself to unite with it and understand it. As Ann Ree said, “What the mind knows, there it can go,” and therefore, through our receiving of greater and greater knowledge, whether we fully understand it now or not, we are becoming travelers within the dimensions of time and space. Thanks to all who contributed so beautifully to this gem-packed few days. * Thank you, God, for my Teachers, Ann Ree Colton and Jonathan Murro, and for the amazing grace of participating in the system of Niscience. Once again, the Conclave sharings of our co-disciples expanded the boundaries of our understanding, from micro- to macro-considerations of our Universe and how God’s energies work with human consciousness at all levels. Also, I give thanks for the IHN Journals we participate in before each Conclave which plow up the fields of our minds, preparing them to receive the conceptual seeds that will be broadcast by the Conclave speakers. * Conclave is like a zoom lens. We understand these concepts at a certain level and then the focus is extended and anchored in our new understanding by the quotes from Ann Ree’s and Jonathan’s writings, from the overview of their understanding. It is a wonderful reciprocity of exposition and opens more of our Teachers’ wisdom to us. My head always feels stuffed with new neural connections post-Conclave. It is exciting and wonderful to see more in-depth the beauty of the Father’s Creation and to hear quotations from the many souls in the world who are exploring both the inner and outer Universe and discovering the beautiful truth that “There is no separation.” The integrity of God’s Universe is coherent and communicable both within the minute and within the unspeakably grand expanses of deep space. * Huzzahs for the Carmel Conclave! Powerful, prayerful, and purposeful. Love-ful, light-ful, and lyrical. The Niscience Archetype is sounding and it is creating grace for the world. Hallelujah!