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Recent Events

West Coast Conclave

September, 2013


Fall, 2013



August, 2013



June, 2013

Wanted to thank you and the group body so much for a most holy and reverent Conclave.  All of the talks, music, and serving were of such a high spiritual quality.  We were so richly fed through the Sound Current, through the Love, through the Agape/Holy Concern, through the magnificent backdrop of the ocean, the sky, the coastline.

–Albuquerque, New Mexico


The time of group-body action was so sacred.  The holy energies during Sacrament serving and World Healing Mediation were tangible indeed…. I give thanks for the unseen miracles that occurred through the Conclave action and for the miracles to come. “ It is going to happen” (ARC).

- Eagan, Minnesota


As ever, it was a glorious Conclave. It is phenomenal that despite our many failings, the Holy Spirit is so vitally alive in our members. The sharings, music, altar presentation, Saturday Sacraments, Pleasance movement, and co-disciple interactions are filled with an effervescent love.

-Falls Church, Virginia


I want to send abundant gratitude for the most recent Conclave.  The contribution by all is greatly appreciated and speaks volumes to our Teachers, with regard to the dedications of their students who apply the practices and studies in the daily walk of life….With utmost gratitude I am in awe of the master musicians we have in Niscience. The music, words, and tones that combine to bring a song forth are making a mighty and healing sound current in the Universe.

-Philipsburg, Pennsylvania



I am so grateful for the 10-week period of study [Internship], and for the remarkable quality of the Teaching.

-Burnside Heights, Australia


How is it possible to choose and to comment on a passage that had the most impact and inspirational effect upon myself?  When I thought that I just had discovered one there immediately arose another one bringing me a new surge of inspiration, a new feeling of memories of long-ago lessons and learning....All is tied together awakening such an emotional feeling of verities, of trust, of love beyond any doubt whatsoever.  The only thing I know is that I’m so grateful to be part of this wonderful teaching that is Niscience.  Thank you, Ann Ree Colton for sharing such divine truth!  I sincerely believe that I have received a most wonderful and precious gift on earth.  Thank you also to all co-atom Niscienes making up this amazing, humanitarian, healing group.

-Belvedere, California


I found the Internship to be beckoning me each morning, inviting me to join in with the Masters’ instruction.  I wrote down all the “He who” statements and saw the perfect pattern of instruction that gently presents itself in Truth and decisiveness.  I loved reading The Venerable One again.  It pulled me away from my physical-world “burdens” and transported me to higher planes of existence.

-Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania



The placement of  “Joseph and The Babe” in your intimate central courtyard was nothing short of inspired.  I was personally astonished by the entire place and touched by Adrian’s part in it.

-Visalia, California


Thank you all for a beautiful loving holy weekend.  I was so happy to be there to witness the installation of the sculpture in Joseph’s Garden as well as the art show. The sculpture felt like an affirmation of men and fatherhood.  The baby Jesus is so real and so approachable.  One wanted to pick Him up and Hold Him.  Adrian captured the beautiful pride, humility, and love of Joseph as he offers Jesus to any one who would embrace Him.

-Springfield, Virginia


It was wonderful to view the latest statue on the Niscience grounds of “Joseph and the Babe” by Adrian Green.  What a holy work of art, beautiful faces smiling.  I love how the baby Jesus’ arms are reaching up to bless….It was wonderful to see Ann Ree’s original mandalas and such a beautiful variety of artwork by Niscienes.

-Port Orange, Florida


Name-Claiming was truly blessed.

- Montrose, California


Such a beautiful and sacred time with the new Joseph’s Garden and sculpture.  The creativity of our co-disciples is so amazing. The Christ presence is centered in our love, work, service, and dedication.  I am so thankful and grateful for all.

-Albuquerque, New Mexico


Thank you all so very much for lovingly putting together the Art Festival during Name Claiming.  Everything was so beautiful.  Every piece honored our beloved Teachers and the importance they placed on creativity.  It is always so inspiring to see all the beauty and love that each member puts into each piece of artwork.  I am grateful to be part of a Path that encourages creativity and sharing.

                    rainbow colors

                    God in every atom

                    lush radiance

-Carpinteria, California


The recent Sequoia Conclave sounded a tone so deep and penetrating that it has been difficult to articulate the experience….I feel its resonance still ringing in my bones.  It feels like a threshold to something new, a more expanded dimension of love and knowing.

 -Sundland, California






Agape Publication

Such revealing comes from the purity of Ann Ree’s words that shine with her light and radiate with her wisdom!  The nectar which one receives through all the uplifting words in the Agape each month I have enjoyed and always look forward to with my sincere gratitude for all the dedication from the staff who compile the Agape.


I really should write more often to express my appreciation for the fruits of the Spirit that are evidently apparent in the Agape magazine.


As always I am nourished by the talks shared via the Agape and the White Papers.  Realizations come according to application and it is such joy when we receive glimpses of the Coinciding Principle at work in our lives.


Once again, pen to paper, to say how much enjoyment one receives from the wonderful Agape magazine.  All the articles come forth with sincere love of the Word, and are powerful in their messages.  I have learned so much through reading the pages and found them inspirational.






White Paper Lessons

I spent so many years in this lifetime searching for fulfillment that I almost didn’t recognize Niscience when it came quietly into my life.  Yet, each year, each month, each week and day, and each moment bring more fulfillment than I can dream of.

-Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania


My soul feels so called to this Niscience work; I feel blessed that it was sent to me.


As always I am nourished by the talks shared via the Agape and the White Papers.  Realizations come according to application and it is such joy when we receive glimpses of the Coinciding Principle at work in our lives.


I am so grateful for each step that brings lessons and learning and ultimately, God willing, growth – spiritual growth and growth in the mind and emotions, body and spirit; as spiritual growth precipitates other areas of growth. Niscience is the sweetest blessing.


The rhythmic practices of Niscience are as a guiding light to me. They are as water that quenches my thirst for serving.  I happily perform these practices with reverence.  They have changed my whole demeanor and existence.  A calmness has flooded me like light.  It projects outwardly to all I encounter. I see these joyous habits as a song to my heart or a deep breath of air. Short verses pop into mind that propel me ever onward.  I am exceedingly grateful.






Niscience Books

I feel by reading Ethical ESP I have increased in Self-, Soul-, and God-Realization as well as in understanding my mind and actions more clearly.  To grow in understanding is to grow in consciousness.  I am grateful to Ann Ree and Jonathan.


As I read Ethical ESP again, I benefitted from working on a talk at the same time.  I was amazed at how, each week, the passages informed me so perfectly of the spiritual principles that are connected with our present scientific investigation.  Ann Ree’s passages had a direct relation to observation, to principles of energy, to universal principles that we are uncovering in the science of the present era.  Ann Ree was truly a spiritual scientist, and was way ahead of her time.


I am ever so grateful to have bought The Jesus Story and found the Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience. The student pre-sleep mantrams have been a Godsend. It is true – the blessings of Niscience are countless.






The Teachings

I count Niscience as one of the most important happenings – a defining moment on the spectrum.  It literally changed me and the course my life was taking.


I was also very grateful for our Lenten Journal on the Law.  I felt this is such a critical subject for our time and one which holds keys to all men’s questions and problems of the day.   I am still doing my Pleasance because I think it is such a powerful way of sending out into the world.


Listening to Ann Ree and Jonathan literally lifts one out of ignorance and enclosures and centers one in the heavenly voltage of Truth, Love, Wisdom, Joy, and Peace.  It is such a privilege to hear the Niscience instruction.


Finding Niscience is the most remarkable thing that has happened to me in my 86 years of life experience.  Ann Ree Colton passed one year after I found it – or maybe it found me – but she is alive in her words and works.  Jonathan too.  I send my love, praise, and gratitude to all who follow after and keep the flame of Niscience for this earth.


It has been almost a year since I came to know Niscience and I’m look­ing forward to many more years of dedication to its study. There is no way to explain the inner rewards that one receives from it. I have a long way to go but it will be easy traveling for I know I’m going in the right direction.


I wish to express my gratitude to any and all who are helping to manifest this great Teaching which is Niscience.  As some of us were saying, the proof of the system of Niscience is the talks printed in the Agape.  There has been a marvelous development of soul power of the group body of Niscience.  There is the flowering of individual soul gifts which is just thrilling to me as I read and absorb.  All conjoined through the patterning of the practices as conceived by our Teachers.  The resulting growth is accelerating; the quickening is manifesting!  I pray that this mediative world-healing method will coalesce and manifest in human consciousness.  We in Niscience know that the “Niscience Effect” is taking place.  Praise God!






The Teachers

Listening to Ann Ree and Jonathan literally lifts one out of ignorance and enclosures and centers one in the heavenly voltage of Truth, Love, Wisdom, Joy, and Peace.  It is such a privilege to hear the Niscience instruction.


I had a wonderful dream of Ann Ree in a beautiful long shining white gown running and obviously hurrying down a hillside.  I knew that she was going toward a ride in a car. I stepped forward and offered her a ride in my car.  She didn’t slacken her speed at all while indicating to me that she was going to go with the car and people awaiting her at the bottom of the hill.  I knew that those people were the core group of those who have assiduously devoted themselves to the Niscience practices, and that she would be with you on your quickening and accelerating world-healing manifestation.  It seemed that she was joining you as you sped forward.   I was satisfied to have been there with my offer and to know that she was to experience that togetherness with the main thrust of that which she had shaped and formed.  This was the clear idea that was my immediate reaction and is so still.


Ann Ree said in one of our Unit talks, “God is so real.”  More and more we are experiencing this truth and giving testimony to it through our talks, our love, agape, art, music, sharing, laughter.  It is all so beautiful.


Watching our beloved Teacher’s DVD, “The Healing of the Mind,” was a time of joy which awakened me as never before.  It is nothing new for all of us that she is God’s Messenger, even more – she is priceless!






The Ministry

This Conclave was a monumental gift to the nation coming at a time when it so needs an infusion of grace, humility, love, and compassion, along with a reminder of law. It is truly a gift that our holy handful of God is always so willing to make pilgrimage in the spirit of penance and restitution. Every day I am more and more grateful to God for our Teachers, Ann Ree and Jonathan, for what they taught us and how they embodied Law and Love. And every day I am ever more grateful for my co-disciples. Each one carries and gives a special gift and these were expressed so clearly in the talks, sharings, songs, and all servings.


I am so grateful for our East Coast Conclave – it was such a joy to be among co-disciples and to be present to hear the wonderful logos and sharing.


My gratitude for God’s abundant blessings upon our Ministry of Niscience.  Each and every event was a grace timing.  Our sharings seemed to rise upon new layers of spiritual understanding.  It was a holy time for everyone.  The spirit of holy concern seemed to touch all of us in many wonderful ways.  Holy enthusiasm permeated the atmosphere and was contagious due in part to our pilgrim co-disciples.  Our Sunday morning Easter Sunrise Service, with our heavenly Niscience choir, filled the air with joy, reaching a holy crescendo of spiritual beauty and light.  Agape dinners were that much more enjoyable due to the many hands and hearts who saw the need and filled it with their love.  All of this grace due to our beloved Teachers, saints and angels who watch over us with their unending love.


Thank you for including me in the IHN Journal:  “The Spirit of America:  A Sacred Stewardship.”  The words carry strength and beauty wrapping a full kernel of truth and conscience.  I have the feeling that we are working toward divine expansion within the expression and self-genesis that is the civilization flow.  That is good work indeed, making strength and beauty possible as true living.  Great work!


It is wonderful to see the signs of the unfolding of spiritual progress in the world right in the midst of increasing world chaos.  The seeds of Niscience are sprouting.


I'm writing to express my most humble gratitude, a big thank you, and true joy for the opportunity and experience of attending and participating in the Memorial Conclave for our beloved Teacher, Ann Ree Colton, held in Sequoia this June.

          To worship and serve together in such a beautiful place, under the canopy of powerful trees and green branches, with clear rushing streams and majestic mountains all around, enfolded with fragrant air in sky; to be together to celebrate our Teachers, and the energy and wonder of the Niscience Archetypal action in this world, is a beauty beyond these words.

          The talks and sharings by all members were so inspiring and enlightening.  There is always something new to learn, to try to understand, and help our soul and spirit shift higher in the beauty of Christ for God in this world.


Thank you beloved co-disciples at Niscience for keeping this special work alive in the world.  It is such a comfort and such a joy to have Ann Ree’s teachings as we face ourselves and the world.


Thank you and the office staff and all of the saintly volunteers who saw a need and filled it so beautifully. What a sacred time God has given to us to be together with the brethren during these important cyclic timings in our souls’ records. May we lose not sight of the grace to see what we have been entrusted with.


Ann Ree said, “In Niscience we are united in a discovery flow.”  The Conclaves and Internships are filled with discoveries, brimming with creativity, and grounded in love, discipline, and our conjoined desire to serve God and to lift and heal all in this world.

          My eternal gratitude for the grace to make pilgrimage during the Autumnal Equinox timing, and the grace to participate in the Internship Program.  Thanks be to God for our beloved Teachers and thanks be to God for all who are steadfastly carrying the Dharma and keeping the pilgrimage rhythms throughout the Cosmic Seasons.


I am grateful for the Niscience choir. On Saturday as the choir sang such holy tones it felt so incredible to be immersed in that great virtue love energy. Ah, it felt deep, blessed, and all other feelings just melted away.   Every time I hear the choir I become more centered and the feelings of trust and gratitude are like open gates.


Thank you for keeping the purity of our Ministry, and I thank the Father for the ministers who are observing Ann Ree and Jonathan’s Altar instructions that preserve the Archetype’s teachings. More and more we can realize the great Omniscience in timing Niscience to the world – how sorely it is needed. And how vital is our own preparation (inner) for the future of the ministry. We are heart-grateful for every day and every one in Niscience.






Holy Days

Thank-you and all the Brethren for a most Holy and Sacred Easter and all that led up to it from Ash Wednesday to our glorious celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord on Easter morn.  My soul rejoices renewed in faith and purpose.  I hold fast to the vision of a resurrected eternity with each soul awakening to their Divinity.  Thanks be to God for our Teachers who placed this vision before us and to our Lord Jesus who shows us the way.


I was so aware this Easter time of the increase of lovingness in all the recent events that were exceptionally beautiful.  The chapel and Agape Hall seemed to be overflowing with love emanations.  It was so heart-filling to feel these energies and to realize their Source.  Gratitude is unending for Niscience and its giving to the world.  We know God’s timing and His Laws are perfect and pray always to live within them, and thus we pray our dedications are bearing fruits.


From the beginning on Maundy Thursday service where there was enacted the washing of the feet of the Apostles by Jesus to Easter Sunrise Service and breakfast, there was enacted a panorama of sacred events that filled us with the Light of the true meaning of Easter.  The fullness of each event, sacredly executed, built such a powerful consciousness of love and holiness that I am sure all present were spiritually quickened and lifted to greater knowing of what this event truly means.  Parts of each day kept moving through my mind, heart, and soul.  I felt as if a special embracing was passing through me.  I’m certain that others felt the reality of Jesus’ presence and His love filling all whose hearts were synchronized with the love of the Christ.  A drama of eternal truth was taking place.


I’m so grateful for this Lenten season and Eastertide.  The Passion of Jesus is very present in my heart and consciousness.  This feeling, and all of the sharing and talks presented, shed a new light on many things.


Easter was on another plane. Like the East Coast Conclave, it hit a new level of understanding and union within us all. We seemed to be so united with the Easter drama, the Lord’s passion, and His gift.


What a glorious Christ-mass spirit is filling Niscience. This Christmas was a remarkable time of grace gifts.  How much more can we be filled?  It appears to be boundless. New Song Night resonated with the tones of God’s Love and the hope of the Christ emerging in Earth.  The gifts flowed with the Christmas service, dinner and caroling, the Saturday darshan, pilgrim’s dinner, and Sunday’s service.  The gifts flowed and are flowering. We are so blessed. Our gratitude to all who participated, baked, cleaned, sang, hugged, smiled, and gave and gave.

          Niscience is alive. May the Earth receive the Joy.


I want to express my gratitude for the beautiful Name-Claiming weekend.  I am especially grateful for the Niscience Art Festival.  It always touches me deeply.  This year, I came to Niscience several hours before the art show to drop off our collage.  We walked into the White Harvest Room, turned on the lights, and I felt initially stunned because the whole room was filled with the most extraordinary bright light.  It was as though all the pieces of art were emanating a most beautiful, holy light.  It was so pure.  As I walked around the room looking at the art I knew that each creation was an extension of my co-disciples’ souls.  It was a very moving experience.  I am truly inspired by the originality and uniqueness of each person’s artistic gifts.  It was like a symphony of art.  I can’t help but think, if a small handful of souls can generate that much beauty, creativity, and art in such a short period of time, imagine what the human spirit will accomplish when we bring forth our true soul’s capacity for co-creating with God.  It is a mind-boggling and awesome thing to contemplate.