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SEQUOIA CONCLAVE, 2018 Reflections and Highlights
He restoreth my soul. -Psalm 23:3 When thou wouldst heal the secrets in thyself and become selfless, go thou to mountains. -Ann Ree Colton
Going to the mountain top – to the clean, to the green – is always a step into otherwhere, into the most beautiful guardian trees. “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help” (Psalm 121:1). Despite the multitudes who come to see them (and be healed by them), the great trees maintain the pristine cathedral of Nature that re-orients us to the Real and heals us. Such a loving service. It is joyful anywhere to be with one’s co-disciples to share prayer, mediation, and instruction and to know that the exquisite Conclave energies are going forth into the world in radiant waves of blessing. The Conclave talks were magnificent. Each explored more deeply and reached out more broadly in studying God’s energies and purposes in the interconnections of His Universe of Increase. d
Sequoia Saturday Sacrament We have brought the mountain sacrament in from the trees, from the grasses blowing in the breeze, from pine-carpeted glades serenaded by birdsong. Still, the golden humming of co-disciple bees foraging for God murmurs sweet music, a holy harmony of souls gathered together to serve Him, sending forth His Word to bless the earth. d
What a privilege to go on pilgrimage and in such a holy, special environment as the Sequoias! The atmosphere is so charged with pure, healing life-force, prana, ether, and akash; such awe-inspiring trees, lush green foliage, abundant animal and insect life. Everything throbbing with communication powers to teach and inform our consciousness as well as healing our four bodies. All of this inspiring pure logos, reverent association, and greater dedication as well as magnifying work to be done. Everyone’s contribution as listener, speaker, or participant in any way added volumes to Holy-Spirit receptivity and utilization.
The Sequoia Conclave as a holy breath released peace, light, truth, quiescence, love into our all of our bodies. It was an exquisite experience of soul and nature as one! d
What a stellar Conclave! The talks, songs, servings, and presence were each as stars in a galaxy of new consciousness, birthing new stars. How sublime to harmonize our soul songs within the melodies of Jesus Christ. May all be for the glory of God and give impetus to the Ministering Angels. This Conclave focused on the pure dimension of Omnipresence: Power, Breath, Esse; The Will of God as Pure Vitality, Healing the “games,” and their tension.
d Sequoia Haiku I had to write immediately to thank you and all co-disciples for our Conclave this past weekend, held in the pristine and exquisite grace of Sequoia National Park. To start the Internship off in this way is starting it off on a high note of grace.
The Power, the Breath, The Esse, The Holy Spirit Essence in All — Get out in Nature, hear the call! Open your heart to empathy! Trees breathe their blessings onto men’s hearts, opening Eternal vistas. Candles flicker soul recognition. Songs pulsate in joy rhythm. Truth revealed in sounded sounds. Heartbeats of the Masters