Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience, Inc.

Founded by Ann Ree Colton and Jonathan Murro

The 33rd Niscience Sequoia Memorial Conclave officially began with dusk mediation on Beetle Rock. On this place, our Teacher, Ann Ree Colton, “united with the heart of Jesus,” experiencing “His love and compassion for men of the earth.” He told her that dusk is the time “He seeks to lighten the cares of men, for the hearts of men are more responsive to His love at this time of the day.” And so, on Beetle Rock, the Niscience group body entered into an embrace of sacred silence with Jesus. At the conclusion, we stood and sounded the OM thirteen times. Like the lofty trees around us, we were like spiritual sentinels, surveying the earth rolling out before our gaze. “This beautiful earth,” as Ann Ree said, which “is longing to give us birth.” chatter chatter chatter birds water in a hurry nature’s obligations Falls Church, Virginia
There is something very special, pure, free, and powerful about the Sequoia Conclave. In recent years on coming to the Sequoias, I feel that it isn’t just the trees who are mediating for us, blessing us and lifting our thoughts. I feel deeply the need to pray also for them. And I always pray that this sacred polarity, which it truly is, may be protected by the Great Beings of Heaven for future generations. Hearing the beautiful songs, “Archetypal Tones” and “Jesus Pierced the Starry Cosmos” in this polarity, it seemed as if the tones could bounce through the mountain peaks and aid the trees in their work of lifting the thoughts of men. Glendale, California d
Just wanted to write to say "thank you" to all for the exquisite Conclave. All of the talks were so inspired, penetrating, and thought provoking. Jonathan was quoted, "How may I free the Spirit of God in me?" I felt that this was a thread question that was echoed in all of the talks. The talks addressed the challenges that all students of the spiritual life face and then provided dimensional answers and solutions. Decaying wood breathes out my childhood memories time slides down the rocks. Albuquerque, New Mexico
Thank you all for this most incredible Conclave. We are all so thankful to Ann Ree Colton, for honoring the tradition of pilgrimage, for our years of going to Conclave in the parks of the high sierras. This year the creeks were high, and the walk to the waterfall, above our usual meeting site at Lodgepole, was so enchanting. The arching trees shaded the path, and little waterfalls and rills were all along the trail. The Law of Karma may “hurt,” may shock, may rock us to the core. The Law of Karma makes us all one, holds the cosmos together. From the senseless translation of petroleum to the massive accumulation of refuse plastic, to the exquisite tones of the choir, the power of prayer and mediation, we live in our creation. We live in a refined system of justice. We are all one in the Law. Thank you all for this incredible Conclave, a testimony to dedication, to stewardship of the Dharma. Gratitude to all present, in heart and soul and spirit. tiger swallowtail now you see it, now you don’t, whisper on the wind. Round Rock Texas
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The Sequoia Conclave was so profound. It was like seeing a vast river in motion, calm and powerful with far-reaching effects resulting from its flow. Sunland, California d At several places, the trail actually went through a creek. A bear was off to the left of the trail, at a safe distance. Hikers brought snow back from the high falls, at the high point of the trail. My favorite wading pool was white water this year. In little side pools, we could safely sit, cool our feet, and contemplate the beauty of the talks.
A big shout-out to everyone who participated in anyway to make this year’s Sequoia Conclave such a momentous moment in time. Every year we comment on how “this was the best,” but I am convinced this year was the best! There was such a Sacramental air to our gathering on Beetle Rock. Looking out into the distance, seeing the soft waves of misty whites, blues, and grays hovering over the mountain tops seemed surreal. Each talk and minister’s sharing, the choir, our creativity time, the sweet Pleasances were so rich and fed so bountifully all who came to share at the Lord’s Table. Every sharing this year had a key-note facet that fed my soul. Thank-you to each one who prepared and presented so beautifully. capture a moment a haiku is giving birth creativity Thunderhead clouds float Across an azure blue sky Silent freedom
Love songs of heaven Orchestra of birds, trees, wind Soothes our heart and soul More Sequoia Haiku
Green, green everywhere Cradling weary pilgrims Nature’s healing balm