Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience, Inc.

Founded by Ann Ree Colton and Jonathan Murro

32nd Sequoia

Memorial Conclave

June 24 - 26, 2016

That thou might heal thy bones, go to trees. That thou might heal thy lungs, go to trees. That thou might heal thy thoughts and lift them to high places, go thou to trees. When thou wouldst heal the aeon memories, go to mountains. When thou wouldst heal the secrets in thyself and become selfless, go thou to mountains. And when thou wouldst be purified in thy lesser self and thou wouldst be cleansed in thy emotions, go thou to the waters. –Ann Ree Colton
The Sequoia Conclave and Memorial Pilgrimage was held on the weekend of June 24-26 in Sequoia National Park. We are profoundly grateful for this time in the midst of the trees and mountain vistas so healing to the soul and spirit. So very much was received and sealed-in during these three days: an undying testimony for God and for Truth. And for this we give our deepest thanks.
CONCLAVE TESTIMONIES I just wanted to give my most humble gratitude for a most beautiful Sequoia Memorial Conclave for our beloved and holy Teacher, Ann Ree Colton. I am so grateful that I was able to attend in person. There is something new in the ministry and group body … that is expressing a higher vibration of knowledge, creation, and union…. Everything expressed all weekend from the beauty of the room and flowers, to the art work chosen and shared – held a powerful connection and expression of the sacred flow within the journey of life and learning in this New Age under the Christ. I am still absorbing and soaking in all the profound talks and sharings. I am so grateful for Niscience in my life…..For all that we can learn sacredly and reverently through this beautiful initiatory school.
 So grateful to all who gave so much of themselves to present most Holy Logos, one could feel the mighty Archetones sounding, reverberating. Sunday, we reached the peak of the Holy Mountain, Jairus opening statements, the exquiste Nisicence music, Indee’s voice penetrating the atmosphere with “Master O’ Master,” the speakers’ sharings lifing us up higher and higher. Then came that pinnacle time when the flag of the Christ was placed onto the mountain top and everyone knew Heaven and Earth were One!
Pine trees standing tall Spreading out their canopy On a summer day. Twittering bird song Family of pines A brush of a breeze The mind of God
Rising to the sky Struggling in the summer heat Some die for new life Bird of the morning Psalms echo through the tree-tops Sing with abandon
Pine spirals to the Son/Sun Bright green symphony Joy! Sitting near the lodge Hearing the birds round about I am where they are