Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience, Inc.

Founded by Ann Ree Colton and Jonathan Murro

Ann Ree Colton's Birthday Weekend,

Art Show, and

Name-Claiming Service

August 11-12, 2018

August, 2018 marked the 120th birthday anniversary of our beloved Teacher, Ann Ree Colton. Her birthday weekend celebration was commemorated at the Niscience Foundation Headquarters with the annual Festival of Art on Saturday, August 11, and with the Name-Claiming Worship Service on Sunday, August 12. The Art Show, held in the White Harvest room, was filled with color and creativity by the Niscience Founders, members, and friends in testimony to God and to the Teachings.
Thank you and all those blessed ones who helped in setting up the White Harvest room for our Art Festival. There were so many wonderful and unique works of art that were submitted by our co-disciples and friends. All of the art was so beautifully displayed and organized. This in itself is a work of art. The Holy-Spirit essence within each individual creative offering could be tangibly felt. So inspiring and healing they were. Many of the art pieces brought a smile to my face, I was totally immersed in the moment that they took on a life of their own. I was amazed by the plethora of cacti that filled the spaces, along with the beautifully arranged flowers. All of this energy resulted in a joy-filled healing celebration of love and color. Saturday night was so full of heartfelt love as co-disciples attempted to articulate, through poems, freshets, and Haiku, their respect and gratitude for Ann Ree Colton. My haiku for Ann Ree: Life is an art form, Ann Ree painted a canvas, with pure and clear strokes. How can one describe the gifts of Ann Ree Her knowing was beyond our ability to see As Jonathan told us few would ever know The depth and breadth of her archetypal flow She gave to the world a system divine To open one’s heart to energies sublime Mantrams to quicken, to lift and refine Concepts hardened through ages of time Her knowledge of cycles, timing and rhythms Synchronized our days with this eternal vision She guided and blessed us with her teaching With spiritual insights that were far-reaching Bringing peace and hope to free us from trepidation Knowing God’s Will is fulfilled in every situation She taught of Jesus and His messianic mission That He came to the world with Cosmos cognition So on this day of remembrance we thank God for the grace To have met the Teacher face to face To see the world from above and hear the words – You are loved Glendale, California I just wanted to send my love and gratitude for being able to be at Niscience for the art show, Ann Ree Colton’s birthday celebration dinner and music, and our sacred vow re-dedication and Naming service on Sunday. To celebrate the birthday of our beloved and sacred Teacher, Ann Ree Colton, (at this special timing of the coinciding with her levitation miracle on August 12th) with the group body was a blessing I am so grateful for. The beautiful Family Chapel talks shared by Orman and Orese were full of so much light, instruction, and inspiration. A new level of faith, hope and understanding has been opened. Ann Ree, Offered the choice to rebuke Christ and be spared... You would not. And instead you dared to follow Him every step of the way. Told that you could leave, or stay, you stayed… you prayed… you laid all on the table for God. You chose knowledge over health And for that you paid And earned eternal wealth A crown of life. Ann Ree, you are the best, You were put to the test And we all know the rest. May God give us also the willingness To lay down our lives to aim high So as to open the eyes of those, who like ourselves, long for the true Dharma Life – as you, our Teacher, have shown, and in this grown, to such splendid stature in Christ. Thank you, beloved Teacher. La, la, la Ha, ha, ha Ah, ah, ah Ann Ree, Ann Ree, Ann Ree, Ann Ree! Glendale, California The Ann Ree We Know The Ann Ree we know is the trailblazer to the heavenly. The Ann Ree we know is the blueprint to follow. The Ann Ree we know is a fountain of knowledge; a generous, giving, inspiring, spirit. The Ann Ree we know is a soul-power willing us to expand our gifts into holiness, into charity, into joy. The Ann Ree we know established a pathway to God, leading us onward toward His Light, toward His revelation. The Ann Ree we know is loved, is appreciated. Happy Birthday, Ann Ree! St. Giovanni, Italy A Tribute to my Teacher: Ann Ree As the babe in Elizabeth’s womb leapt when Mary, pregnant with Jesus, came into her home, so too did my soul leap when my ears heard for the first time the voice of Ann Ree Colton. I had no idea what a Teacher was and that I was being called to the spiritual Path. I only knew I trusted that voice. The sound of her words was the very voice of God, made flesh. Who was I to receive such grace? It has taken many years, decades even, to grasp the flow of instruction given, and yet today I still feel that what I know, I could fit on the head of a pin! Yet even for that, I am grateful. I said, I cannot write, then I heard my Teacher say write anyway. I said, I’m not an artist, then I heard my Teacher say, paint, sculpt, create anyway. I said, I’m not a musician, then I heard my Teacher say sing and create music anyway. I said, I’m not a poet, then I heard my Teacher say, “yes you are.” Thank-you Ann Ree for believing in me and leading me into a World that knows only Love. Ann Ree: You are so loved. Glendale, California