Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience, Inc.

Founded by Ann Ree Colton and Jonathan Murro

Ann Ree Colton's Birthday Weekend, Art Show, and

Name-Claiming Service

August 13-14, 2016

August 17 marked the 118th birthday anniversary of our beloved Teacher, Ann Ree Colton. Her birthday weekend was commemorated at the Niscience Foundation Headquarters with the annual Festival of Art on Saturday, August 13, and with the Name-Claiming Worship Service on Sunday. ART SHOW: Niscience is dedicated "to inspire others to create and to serve God" (ARC). The White Harvest room was filled with color and creativity by the Niscience Founders, members, and friends in testimony to God and to the Teachings. TESTIMONIES: Thank you for the Art Festival honoring the magnificent, versatile, creativity of our Teachers and for spurring us to go within and give birth to our own creativity. From the simplistic to the sublime, each one’s creativity was a heart gift to the world. Also, I am so grateful for the string quartet. The music was wonderful and added so much to our evening. The enjoyment of music was tangible in their faces, their fingers, and our ears. It was a beautiful Name-Claiming weekend. And thanks to Orese and Matthew for their talks. I’m grateful to all those whose dedications are moving this world into its Christed timing. Happy Birthday to our blessed Ann Ree! The Art Festival timing is such a wonderful testimony to the versatility grace in Niscience – not to mention our Teacher Grace. HAIKU / FRESHETS FOR ANN REE'S BIRTHDAY: Soul – Wisdom – Beauty Wish you were here, Ann Ree, She answered, “I Am.” The Teacher A voice in a dream Eyes in the stars A song in the day The Teacher calls one forth Hear me See me Sing with me Fly with me to the realms of the Archetypes Eagle and songbird Lion and lamb Mighty and surrendered Teacher and learner Stronghold of grace and sharer of the cup Ann Ree Colton… Dharmic guardian The daughter of sun and moon The lion who loves Eternal your gaze Healing, warming, loving your heart Boundless our gratitude
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