Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience, Inc.

Founded by Ann Ree Colton and Jonathan Murro

 My eternal gratitude for our blessed and enlightened Teachers, Ann Ree Colton and Jonathan Murro. I give praise for the Holy Week we shared and for all those who work so tirelessly to make everything so beautiful. I suspect I could easily write an hour long testimony with all that we experienced in one week’s time.

Easter at the Foundation


 Mirell set the most loving and ahimsa tone on Maundy Thursday. She shared the quote by Ann Ree, “The Sacrament of Communion is the charitable feast or Agape of Spirit, whereby the Lord spiritually transubstantiates His body into your body, His blood into your blood.” The word that struck me is “feast.” Our hearts are famished for God and His love. And to think that each morning we have a love feast awaiting us, is so remarkable. This is perhaps the greatest gift we have been given: the ability to transubstantiate our beings, our consciousness, the world, through the body and blood of Jesus. Martay shared how we must hear the suffering of another despite the non-virtue we see. I thought of Ann Ree’s words: “You have to hear the music.” Ann Ree has taught us each soul has their own unique tone and we have to hear this music despite the outward appearance of their sin. Ann Ree writes, “All in the Earth are Intentional-Sufferers. We entered this eternity system with the agreement that we would suffer, that we might gain a certain kind of consciousness, that we might build this eternity system.” (ARC) Just coming into this heavy dense gravity world is intentional suffering. Taking up the world cross is a higher level of Intentional Suffering. So grateful for Enys’ talk on “The Curved Tunnel and the Resurrection Consciousness.” I felt as though we had our very own earthquake on the Altar when she was speaking. We are being incubated, awaiting a rebirth, and we are being transformed as Jesus was being transformed in the tomb. If we cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, then we must find the inner light of the Christ in us. I loved Ann Ree’s words that there are resurrection vitalities in the cross. In other words, this is how we grow – by embracing the cross, the resurrection power grows in us, as we willingly take up the cross of suffering with love and gratitude. Reah Janise in her talk, “Lord of Lords” shared Ann Ree’s quote, “[Jesus].. brought a great disturbance to the world. He came to upset systems within systems.” Jesus came to bring a sword or the Destroying Archetypes to upset men’s complacency and yet Jesus also gives us the key to inner peace; we are not taken in by the world’s confusion, hatred, and madness. It is as though we are in the eye of the storm. Reah Janise talked of Jesus as a leader. One of the greatest aspects of Jesus as Leader is as the Great Shepherd who came to lead us to our True Self. This was the work of our Teachers also, to lead us to our Eternal Self, our inner universe. I really loved Matthew’s sharing on “A Resurrection Story.” It is fascinating that even perfection is evolving. Everything is part of God’s Increase in consciousness. I thought of Ann Ree’s words, “Twelve lives as a martyr produce a perfected Saint.” In Jesus’ case, it was twelve experiences as a Messiah and Saviour that produced a perfected Hierarch. Matthew shared how we need a catalyst and how we all provide catalyst action for one another. How profound that we grow and learn and catalyze each other to become more in Christ. I recently read these words of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, “We are one, after all, you and I, together we suffer, together exist, and forever will recreate each other.” Thank for you all the food, the testimonies, the set up and clean up. Thank you beloved ones. Love you all to the farthest star and back again. Montrose, California
between you and I, there is an invisible strand of jewels--Love! Carpinteria, California The services were so beautiful - each so unique in tone and logos. It is such grace to move through a progression of pure and profound rituals with like-minded souls. Thanking God for our Teachers and for the grace to make pilgrimage. Albuquerque, New Mexico What a glorious Easter time! There is nothing so inspiring, uplifting, and illuminating than to be with my co-disciples at Easter. It was an oasis of agape and spiritual blessings. Each year we walk with Jesus through the washing of the feet; quickened ritual of the sacrament; the arrest, trial, and crucifixion of Jesus; and ultimately His resurrection. Ever glorious, humbling, and grace-filled. Gratitude to all. Falls Church, Virginia  Thank you each and everyone for all you have done to make ready the Foundation Easter events. Everything from Palm Sunday through Easter has been so powerful and sweet. All of the work ensures that the space is prepared to receive and express. Palm Sunday was so beautiful, as were Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Saturday, culminating in Easter morning. The Niscience pilgrims also brought their soul desire to serve and their holy expectancy to each event. It was so beautiful to feel the expansion of the mediative action of the group body increasing with the attentiveness of each one and to know it was flowing out into the world. It was a seamless, harmonious building of conjoined worship and celebration of the life, purpose and fulfillment of our Lord Jesus. What a privilege to participate. How sweet the soul energy each person brought to support and strengthen this beautiful purposeful harmony. “How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace!” (Romans 10:15) I want to give particular thanks for the children’s Easter party. The children always have a great time with the activities: egg hunt, petting zoo, pony rides and agape. This year’s walk through the life of Jesus was especially wonderful. The children were drawn into the progression and seemed truly engaged. I think they enjoyed their parents being volunteered to wear placards designating them as “Angel,” etc., and the parents enjoyed their children’s pleasure. It was a visual/aural/ action balance that communicated well and involved everyone. Sunland, California
Easter was so full of holy miracles. I have so much to say on this, I will write a letter to thank everyone for their servings. . The Good Friday talks were powerful; yours, Enys, Stacee, and Martay’s. I felt like we were given an very deep inside look at the Mind of the Lord Jesus, We are deeply grateful for the privilege of being able to make pilgrimage to the Foundation for Easter. It was such an exquisite and holy time to be with the brethren (our co-disciples) from Maundy Thursday through Easter Resurrection Sunday. The Good Friday service was so powerful, moving, revelatory. The outpouring of the Christed virtue light from the talks was breathtaking. Stacee stated in her talk that Ann Ree said we must reclaim the memory of what was happening to Jesus in those hours on the Cross. So each Easter we are given the power to reclaim it. Jesus proved He was not offended on the cross when He said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” He knew sin and wrong expectation blind and bind us to the lower seeing, hearing, etc. Walker's Darshan on Saturday morning was beautiful. I love Walker's bhakti heart combined with his scientific mind. He shared on movement, and how movement, as Ann Ree stated, must become equal to meditation…. After I came home, the words came, "the movements of Jesus." I thought of Jesus' cosmos movements on the Cross. His movement was so powerful it shifted the axis of the earth…. The Easter timing gave us an enormous passing. Mike said he felt the Christed love while his feet were washed. I too felt the presence of the Lord's light upon the feet being washed. This too, is a Christ movement: that humanity's feet were washed through the 12 on Maundy Thursday. I pray for Jesus’ strength to truly apply our Teachers’ instruction through what was passed in our Ministry during the Easter Resurrection timing. I felt as though the talks on Good Friday were truly a reclaiming of what Jesus experienced on the Cross – and I pray for the humility, honesty, courage, equanimity to help every one in our ministry to be deeply blessed in the Resurrection light of the Lord Jesus. Forest Lake, Minnesota