Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience, Inc.

Founded by Ann Ree Colton and Jonathan Murro

42nd Niscience East Coast

Lenten Conclave

Bethesda, MD

March 2-5, 2018

While the high winds toppled trees, caused power outages, and cancelled airline and train travel, a handful of God gathered for the East Coast Lenten Conclave that was filled with the power of Love, Light, Life, and Will. The winds symbolized the tempest roiling in today’s world and all of the future uncertainty.
Our harmony reflected the harmony of heaven, which is ever available to those who reach toward it and cherish it. And the streaming of the Conclave symbolized how mediative light reached out and touched receptive hearts and minds throughout the world. Such grace to be with ones dedicated to the Christ light and love. From our honoring of the creative arts at the Textile Museum to the final prayer at the Children’s Service at the National Cathedral, love was in every breath and light shone into darkness, stilling the tempest. Thanks to all of our co-disciples for their sacred stewardship of the Niscience Archetype. 
The phrase that summarized the Conclave for me, was “You have to hear the music.” (ARC) “You have to hear the music” in times of illness, of crying; in times of mediation and ministering, so quietly and patiently; in the resurrection to come. Deep gratitude to all, to those who longed to attend and streamed, to those who set up the altars, to all who spoke, to all who participated in the creativity. The Conclave was a holy Esse to heal the nation: Pleasance dance, collage and color, singing the beautiful Niscience music.