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It feels like Niscienes truly did “a work for God” this East Coast Conclave. In our three days, we honored the beauty of creative expression in art, speaking, song, serving, movement, prayer, and fellowship. Concluding our Conclave was the service for the children at the National Cathedral. Margaret Meed wrote, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; Thank the Father for the powerful Washington DC Conclave action through the Christ. It is such a sacred privilege to have knowing and discernment through our Teachers’ writings in these turbulent times, for we are “holding fast” to the Truth of Jesus. Eagan, Minnesota

41st Niscience East Coast

Lenten Conclave

Bethesda, MD

March 17-21, 2017

indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” That is what the service and indeed the Conclave felt like to me. It was a powerful dynamic disruption in its purity, commitment, persistence, centering, reverence, soul- memory, soul-freedom, and love. Falls Church, Virginia
I would like to express my gratitude to God and all who participated in the wonderful East Coast Conclave. This Conclave especially addressed that which I had been going through and helped me to detach more from the politics of now. I realize that the Niscience group body is not political and that we use what is presented in the news as inspiration for mediation. I have been praying for our country to return to its soul’s covenant with God and have been religiously saying the mantrams for the healing of the nation. Springfield, Virginia Sending my gratitude and thanks for such a beautiful Conclave in DC. The atmosphere was reverent, personal, and full of love and the Holy Spirit. There was a beautiful quiet full of a sacred connection and union within the group body physically present and afar. Thank you for letting us all participate in song, creation, and movement in a spontaneous, innocent, and joy-filled way. Albuquerque, New Mexico I so appreciate all who make the pilgrimage to Washington. It is pure joy to be with our co-disciples. The talks were wonderful, the music was powerful in its simplicity, the Pleasance we did was lovely, and the creativity session was so enjoyable. Such an artistic and beautiful job was done in compiling and narrating the pilgrimage slides from France. Those of us who did not go could really experience the tone and feel of the pilgrimage. I am thanking the Falls Church Unit for making all of the arrangements and graciously hosting us all. Albuquerque, New Mexico So grateful to each and every one, with us in participation, in heart alignment, in the Units, in the practices: so grateful to each and every one, keeping the altar flame alive. Round Rock, Texas Thank you to everyone who shared talks. The serving on Saturday is the heart of Niscience; one can feel the angels near. Port Orange, Florida