Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience, Inc.

Founded by Ann Ree Colton and Jonathan Murro

CHRISTMAS, 2017 Christmas Season Testimonies

Nativity Yantra, by Enys Miller

The phrases that come to mind, about this Christmas-tide, are facets of a diamond: the Lion’s Roar, thunder in Heaven, a paean for the Christ babe, a testimony and tribute to the teachings of Ann Ree and Jonathan.

Winter Solstice Fast Dedications

Children's Christmas Party Spiral

Christening on Christmas Day

Christmas Altar

Thanking the Group Body for all of their serving during the Christmas tide. Thanking God and our Teachers that we have a spiritual home in which we can worship, pray, sing and break bread with our beloved co-disciples. It is so joyful to take refuge in the love of the group body. d d I am basking in the holy Christmas. There is a new light within. What a privilege to experience the sacredness of Christmas -- so much more than a day of presents and eating. But days of communing in the Light.

Choir on New Song Night

New Song Night was truly sublime. I felt so cocooned in heavenly musics, it was a night of sweet goodness and heavenly vibrations that lifted and healed. Thank you choir and our song birthers and musicians who created a night of such beautiful passing to the world.
I am so thrilled to be alive and honored to be part of this precious and powerful Hand Full of God. So grateful for the Agape Love, encouragement, testimonies, and spiritual growth we share. d
d My deepest thanks for this sacred Christmas tide which was so real and rich and altogether lovely.

Foundation trees at Christmas