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CHRISTMAS, 2016 Christmas and New Song Night Testimonies

Mary's Statue

Children's Christmas Party Spiral

Children's Christmas Party

Spiral Walk

I give gratitude to God for our beloved co-disciple composers for their sacrifices of time and energy to create such majestic music for the 2016 Niscience New Song Night celebration, and to the members of the choir who have dedicated additional hours of personal time to rehearse these songs to sound their best by New Song Night and to inspire and uplift the human spirit through their voices. (Los Angeles, California) Please thank the group body for all of their generosity, all of their serving, all of the beautiful services and Agapes. Please thank the choir and the new song composers and the musicians for all that they contributed. New Song night was absolutely beautiful and truly a miracle. (Albuquerque, New Mexico) d

New Song Night Programs

Christmas Tree

in Agape Hall

Thank you, choir, for a most sacred, holy welcome. With the joy of singing along, and the surprises of new songs, New Song night was a peek experience: a peek into the sacred heart of the Foundation. The night felt like a Conclave in itself. Indee’s performance of “O Holy Night” filled me with awe – of all of the centuries of remembering the holiness of Jesus’ birth. The music of New Song Night will reach more deeply into our hearts in 2017. “Every Atom in Creation,” “Archetypal Tones,” the holographic all of God in a grain of sand [as sung in “He who Taketh”], the perfect prayer of the Pater Noster [in “Our Father”] – all a testimony to the teachings bearing fruit, living in our hearts. “Ahbey” brought to mind again the deep gratitude for Jonathan, for all that he imparted to us, that helped us navigate the rugged wonderfuls. Christmas morning on a Sunday brought a special power to the brief and very full weekend. Thank Thee, Father. The nativity yantra presented by the minister instantly united us with the timeless aspect of Christmas celebrated over the centuries in so many lands. The yantra aspect united us with the “tensegrity” of life, always a dynamic of yin and yang, a balance of all. Thank you, beloved co-disciples, for the gifts – gifts of nourishment of body, soul, and Spirit, gifts of comfort. Thank you for all you give at Christmas, and throughout the year. Thank you for keeping the altar flame alive. (Round Rock, Texas) d d

Children's Christmas Party

Candles for Children's

Spiral Walk

Choir on New Song Night

Christmas Day


The tension of the opposites within a tensegrity icosahedron creates a space in the middle, this space is the manger cave in which Jesus or the Third Aspect is born. If we extrapolate this analogy to the ministry, through our relationship entanglements, our group body has created a sacred space or manger in which the Christ is born. “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them” (St. Matthew 18:20). Whenever we are healed, those we are entangled with are also healed. When we forgive and release, this releases the “other” into the forgiving and healing love of God. The karmic knots are released and we create another golden thread in the seamless garment of Jesus. (Montrose, California)

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