Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience, Inc.

Founded by Ann Ree Colton and Jonathan Murro

Buddha Festival

Saturday, April 23, 2016

on the Niscience Grounds

 h Testimonies received regarding the Wesak weekend: Just wanted to express my gratitude for a most blessed and holy weekend. The wonderful spirit-filled talks and Beautiful Pleasance was a gift from the Spirit of God. Our combined mediation and love touched both polarities, East and West, sending out healing energies throughout our earth system and beyond on the wings of angels. -Bront Chavira, Sun Valley, California h
In his talk, “Chakra Ascension,” Walker shared about the concept of cognitive closure and how we dislike ambiguity and want a quick and definitive answer to situations. I thought a better descriptor would be cognitive enclosure! Often we aren’t really wanting to learn something new, but rather we seek to reaffirm and lock in what we already believe to be true. When Orese put her chart up showing the Undersoul box, I thought how we must think outside the box! Our beliefs can actually become enclosure boxes that we cannot think beyond. We need to always mark and trace, even confront our beliefs to see if they are perpetuating division – or bringing us into greater increase of love and unity in Christ. Orese quoted Ann Ree saying, “The ego does not love. It works through its own attachments to things or persons.” I suspect the more we feel unloved, the more we will attach ourselves to things, persons, ideas, status, etc. in order to compensate for feeling unlovable. True detachment will only occur through a sense of soul worth, when we feel so filled up with God that we simply have no need to hang onto anything else! Ann Ree has said, “The True Self projects the ego as an ambassador” (The Third Music). This places the ego in a position of honor and dignity. An Ambassador is one who is sent forth as an official representative to a foreign country. Maya is a foreign country. The ego will eventually represent our highest nature and be able to speak on behalf of our True Self. But for now our ego seems mostly to represent our Undersoul. But it is hopeful to know that the ego will become a vehicle of grace and heavenly expression. I loved Gillian’s passionate enthusiasm in his sharing on “Truth.” I found it helpful to contemplate the difference between relative Truth and Absolute Truth. We know, for example, that “the other” is our perfect mirror and reveals to us the Truth about ourselves. And yet, even our “other” is a relative truth. We are not simply a reflection of what is being magnified to us. In absolute Truth we are pure spirit, total innocence, and exquisite purity. From The King, “All men entered the earth innocent. All men will leave the earth innocent.” I am grateful for Gillian’s words, “Acceptance of karma is only painful when looked at through the lesser nature.” Karmic sin is painful enough, but then we add more pain to it by our negative reaction. There is this great story from the Buddhistic Teachings where the Buddha once asked a student, “If a person is struck by an arrow, is it painful?” The student replied, “It is.” The Buddha then asked, “If the person is struck by a second arrow, is that even more painful?” The student replied again, “It is.” The Buddha then explained, “In life, we cannot always control the first arrow. However, the second arrow is our reaction to the first. And with this second arrow comes the possibility of choice” (Tara Brach, True Refuge). The second arrow is our mental judgment, aversion, and condemnation. When we go to war with our karma, we only perpetuate it, we actually make it stronger. Jesus said, “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you” (St. Matthew 5:44). This means that we even have to love and bless our karma. If we can accept and embrace our karma we can heal it. To be on the cross is to have arms open wide, and outstretched. This is a completely detached love. It is a love that holds everything and yet hangs onto nothing, total relinquishment unto God. Such a beautiful and holy Esse-filled weekend. Niscience is such a revelatory teaching. I give gratitude to God for the grace to receive archetypal instruction under the Masters and our Lord Jesus. Thanks to all for the testimonies of their souls. I am eternally thankful. -Stacee Marshall
I give eternal gratitude to God for our beloved Teachers, Ann Ree Colton and Jonathan Murro and for the Niscience Altar as a fountain of healing waters and revelation grace.
I thought the Buddha Pleasance was new this year. It felt deeply penetrating to me. The movement was so delicate and yet powerful. What a profound way to give Esse movement to the Word. My thanks to all the pleasancers for their preparation and devotion. I was also in trance when Indee was singing Ann Ree's song, “Master, O Master” on Sunday morning. The poignant query, “Master can you hear me?” Then we await the whispered ear teaching in response. Such a heart-filled song giving voice to our soul yearning for God. I give thanks for Walker’s Darshan on the chakras and the Third Aspect. Walker has such beautiful logos and a deep understanding of his subject matter. Walker shared that through Third Aspect solutions we receive buoyant updrafts which lift us. In a talk Ann Ree stated, “If you would study Jesus’ words, He is telling you constantly how to use the Third Aspect.” All of Jesus’ sayings and teachings of self-denial, turning the other cheek, etc. are moving us into the Third Aspect attitude in which we overcome gravity bondage and enter into Esse freedom and updrafts of grace.