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Ann Ree Colton



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Islands of Light



Islands of Light is a step into the sacred dimensions of meditation as experienced by an illumined servant of God. Each chapter contains vivid descriptions of the inner visions and insights experienced by Ann Ree Colton during her daily meditations. Her spiritual and prophetic vision of important world events involving nations, continents, religion, medicine, philosophy, science, and the creative arts make reading this book a profound and enlightening experience.


Introduction by Jonathan Murro:


Islands of Light is a prophetic masterpiece that is proving itself day by day. The remarkable prophecies and illuminating instruction are inspiring, thought-provoking, hope-filled. Its pages introduce one to the world of the future.


A prophetic book grows more precious with the passing years, for it offers evidence of the prophecies that have been fulfilled and brings into better perspective prophecies relating to the present and the future.


Ann Ree Colton, a logos initiate, is gifted with the ability to articulate what she is hearing clairaudiently and seeing clairvoyantly. When she is in a state of quiet meditation, these extrasensory aptitudes or gifts are magnified, thereby making her meditation periods highly creative experiences. She is also blessed

with the gift of etheric visitation. This enables her to extend her range of consciousness into little-known worlds of light and love. These spiritual gifts - which she has been trained over a lifetime to express effortlessly, naturally, and reverently - qualify her for a unique role in life as an enlightened prophet, revelator, and teacher. Following Islands of Light, she has written a continuous stream of classic books. These outstanding books, plus a prolific quantity of other creative writings, offer further proof of her initiate-versatility, keen perception, and soul beauty.


Islands of Light gives the reader the factual working within the spiritual life of men in relation to the Masters, their help to humanity at large, and their preparation for men to meet the crises that occur in 50-year cycles. This book relates itself to the practical disciple, to his metaphysical aspirations, and also to his need to know of the reality of Greater Beings who work with men.


In Islands of Light, Ann Ree Colton describes her inner world experiences with the Masters, reporting their words and her accompanying prophetic visions. Ann Ree was first aware of the Masters or Great Immortals in her twenty-third year, 1921. Ever since that time, she has remained under their telepathic tutelage. Therefore, when she spoke this manuscript into the tape recorder in 1952, she was well aware of their voices, presences, and symbols.


In the year of 1943, Master M appeared to Ann Ree during a time when she was suffering a critical illness. He showed her the records of her recent past lives, and told her that she had 11 years to prepare for the manuscript work to come. After eight years of practical preparation, Ann Ree experienced in 1951 a major initiation in the Sierra Nevadas. From this she learned of another spiral of discipleship in our time. Islands of Light began this spiral.


Islands of Light was the beginning of more freedom in expressing that which has been experienced by many in the world; however, they have silently withheld these experiences. In the present period of man's evolvement and growth, such persons are feeling free to come forth to show the way. In Islands of Light, one of the Masters' purposes is to show them the way, and also to make clear to the would-be disciple the simplicity within the great spiritual truths and their relationship to religion, philosophy, science, metaphysics, and the creative arts.


One may read Islands of Light with the full realization that he has in his hand a true book of instruction-revelation supporting his own spiritual life and understanding.




"The old Greece, the old Egypt, and the old Hebrews all revealed the Light to come, and revealed the Light as men not living in the now, but as men will live in the period of 3000 years after the birth of the Master Jesus who taught in the Judean hills. After the coming cataclysms, men will revive the great mysteries of the Gnostic schools in which the secret kernel of wheat in the Christ shall be revealed."


"Gathered unto men in the last 1000 years hath come the knowledge that in the spiritual worlds there are laws which when not observed, not fulfilled, wreak calamities on men and bring unforeseen conditions as a form of retribution or consequence. Men knowing, yet not knowing, the Inner-world governings as a reality, in their confusion, deceptions, and limitations, have carried on a scheme running counter to the scheme and plan within God."


"The universal hope in the Earth is that which affecteth the initiate in which he worketh for the All. He who is truly the initiate feeleth the autumn rhythms even as he would feel tremors in the Earth. He seeth the dying of the leaf and the changing of the seasons as he would see the beauty between life and death, the exquisite yielding to the inevitable, and the knowing of the Great as acceptance."





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